How to decorate a bathroom with an off-centered toilet?

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Toilets in the restroom are often centered and placed in the middle of the wall. However, in bathrooms (and some restrooms) they are probably not central and you might want to apply a different approach to decorating the place. Continue reading for some more info on off-centered toilet decorations!

  • Toilet roll holders and stands
  • Shelves
  • Picture frames

Toilet roll holders and stands
When the toilet is off-centered, there is probably a logical side on which you want to place the toilet roll holder or stand. Consider placing it on the side with more space, as this will bother less. Additionally, when the toilet is placed next to the bathroom vanity, consider placing the toilet roll holder on that side to keep the wall free.

Placing shelves above an off-centered toilet can be tricky. In short, there are two options; or you take the toilet as the center for the shelve, or the wall behind the toilet. However, when taking the wall behind the toilet to determine the center, consider a longer shelve that reaches beyond the toilet on each side. This way it will bother less that the toilet is off-centered.

Picture frames
When the toilet is off-centered and you consider placing a picture frame above the toilet this can also be tricky. Experiment whether you like it above the toilet or in the middle of the wall by simply holding up the frame. Consider asking for help so you have someone looking from a distance to make sure you pick the favorable spot.