How to declutter a teenage girl’s room

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Teens are often more comfortable with a messy and unorganized room than their parents. Wading through a pool of clothing, shoes, books, and other personal items. When your teen realizes the benefits of an organized environment, it will be a much smoother task. Having a free floor to practice hobbies and activities might be enough to motivate your teen. In this article, we will give you some tips to declutter your teenage girl’s room.

  1. Organize the room into zones
  2. Create a plan with your teen
  3. Get things that are not supposed to be the room out.

Organize the room into zones
Differentiate the room into different zones can give structure to the environment. For example, designating one corner to read books can create a calm space for reading. A lounge chair, a cabinet to store books and a standing lamp can do the trick. Another area can be a zone for hanging with friends, doing homework, or playing a musical instrument.

Create a plan with your teen
Getting your teen involved in the whole process is important for them to maintain the room in the new decluttered state. Discuss their activities and hobbies they would like to practice in their bedroom. Decide which furniture and how much floor space is needed for these things. Thus, making it clear that the room needs to be organized for these goals. Toss worthless items, unwanted clothing out of the room or donate it to your local thrift shop.

Throw away what is not supposed to be in the room
There are often things found in a teen’s room that are not particularly meant to be there. Like worn shoes, dirty laundry, soda cans, and other food leftovers… Create rules for your teen regarding food and beverages in her room. Dishes need to be returned to the kitchen, trash needs to be emptied. You can place a dirty laundry bag in her room which she needs to bring to the washroom when full. This will keep the clothes off the floor.