How to declutter a playroom?

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Children grow up fast and outgrow their toys in no-time. This often leads to buying toys regularly and especially with multiple children and a busy lifestyle the playroom gets cluttered quickly. With some small adjustments, however, there is no need to let your children grow up in a messy playroom!

  • First things first
  • Storage
  • Labeling

First things first
Before starting with storage systems or labeling, it is essential to start with the foundation. That is the amount of stuff you have in the playroom the begin with. Especially when space is limited, getting rid of some unused or broken toys can make a big difference. There is a big market for second-hand toys as they are often used only for a while before they are outgrown by a child. You can also donate the toys that are still in good condition to make another family happy!

When the heap of toys and additional stuff is brought down to an acceptable amount, you will have a better overview of how much storage is actually required. Low furniture and storage solutions are often preferable as this will allow children to organize themselves, however, when space is limited, taller bookshelves for example are also a possibility. Multi-functional furniture can also make a big difference and by adding a small sofa with space underneath for some books for example you will declutter quickly. Finally, choose boxes and drawers which are more convenient for kids rather than lining up everything neatly on shelves.

Color coding and labeling is generally a good idea to bring some structure to the storage. Especially with multiple children that all have their own and shared toys, it is a good idea to create multiple boxes with clear labels saying which one belongs to who.