How to baby nursery?

Expecting a baby comes with many firsts. One of them is decorating and designing a nursery. Some see this as one of the highlights in the months before the due date, others see it as a required bump towards parenthood. No matter on which side of the spectrum you recognize yourself, we help you to get started on decorating a nursery. Follow the tips below.

  • Ensure quality basics like a crib and changing table
  • Choose a style up front to focus on
  • Make use of sustainable products

Ensure quality basics like a crib and changing table
Getting the basics right is always important, but now, it’s really something to invest in. You need practical and comfortable pieces of furniture, which are pleasant, both for the baby as for you. Since you will spend some time with them, you might want to consider investing in quality here.

Choose a style up front to focus on
Picking all the required furniture, decoration and bedding might feel like a daunting challenge. Choosing a style upfront helps you in guiding you to certain products. It helps you to limit options and combine more easily. It will result in a nursery which feels more aligned.

Make use of sustainable products
Using more sustainable furniture and equipment is not only a better choice to conserve the planet, but it also creates a healthier environment for your baby. Many plastic objects or other products contain nasty chemicals, polluting the air we breathe. The chemicals, which are named VOC’s influence the air quality and may endanger your little one, since babies have more vulnerable longs. Look for non-toxic and eco-friendly products to ensure a healthy environment.

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