How big should a nursery be?

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Just as babies come in all colors and sizes, so do nurseries. But how big should a nursery be? And what other factors can we consider decorating the nursery? We will explain why nurseries too big or too small might be less than ideal and along the way, we will shed some light on what many consider important basics! Read the tips below.

  • Bigger is not always better
  • Go for style, not size
  • Just make it your own

Bigger is not always better
Although some nurseries can be considered on the small side, we wouldn’t say there is a certain threshold to the minimum size of a nursery. Nonetheless, too small does offer limitations with regards to available space for useful furniture like a changing table. On the opposite, very large nurseries might feel uncomfortable for the baby. Regardless of the size, as long as there is a safe space, with room for a crib, it might be everything you need.

Go for style, not size
Some nurseries hold a lot of furniture not required to offer the baby a safe and comfy place to sleep. Large nurseries often invite people to fill it with unneeded objects. Instead of space, focus on style to create a comfy room with just the furniture and necessities you need.

Just make it your own
Since you’ll probably spend more time in the nursery than you expect, make you sure you make it an enjoyable space to be. A room that feels safe, pleasant for the eye, and organized comforts not only the baby but you as well. Create enough storage space and make it a cozy overall.