How tall is a bathroom vanity?

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The standard height for bathroom vanities is 30 to 36 inches in height, with the average height being 32 inches. However, this height is not really regulated but determined by what is common, therefore leaving room for variation which will be illustrated below.

  • Standard Bath Vanity Height (32 inches)
  • Comfort Height Vanity (36 inches)
  • The minimum (30 inches)

Standard Bath Vanity Height
The standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inches. The main benefit of this common height is that it works well with young children that might struggle with higher vanities. This is also the main reason for this standard height where it will suit a variety of lengths. However, nowadays that we often see multiple bathrooms in a house with children, you might want to consider a higher countertop for yourself which brings us to the comfort height vanity which can also be seen as the “new standard”.

Comfort Height Vanity
The trend in contemporary times is a taller vanity to accommodate a more comfortable experience and maybe even reduce back pains in the future. This height is similar to the standard for kitchen countertops which makes it easier to imagine what would work in your new bathroom. Accordingly, just like kitchen countertops, this height is less suitable when used by children daily, but should definitely be considered by empty-nest home parents or single adults.  

The minimum
Bathroom vanities below 32 inches are often recommended when the sink will add some height to the countertop. In general, sinks stick out 5 to 6 inch and a 30-inch vanity including the sink will therefore still reach the preferred height of 36 inches. Do keep in mind that when the vanity is destined for a bathroom used by children that the vanity countertop should be even lower.