How much space under a staircase for a playroom?

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There is really no maximum size for a playroom underneath the staircase as long as it is high enough. The size is rather depending on the age and size of your toddler or youngster and what your current house allows. Do keep in mind that too small can be dangerous, but, the coziest staircase playrooms are not too big either. The shape of the staircase determines what the playroom will look like. We will provide some ideas!

  • Straight stairs
  • L-Shaped stairs
  • U-Shaped stairs

Straight stairs
Most houses have straight stairs and they are often well suited for playrooms underneath them. However, these playrooms are often smaller as the space underneath these types of stairs is smaller.  When having straight stairs, make sure that there is enough space for the toddler to stand, as this is probably only possible in the higher part of the staircase. It is recommended to close the lower stairs from the inside as you do not want your toddler to dive in too far or get stuck.

L-Shaped stairs
Stairs that are shaped like an “L” with at least one corner allow more options for playrooms and often give you an option on where to place the entrance. You can create a small door either at the bottom of the L or on the side. The benefit of this type of staircase is that they often have a flat part in the corner which makes the playroom more spacious.

U-Shaped stairs
Stairs that are shaped like a “U” are probably most ideal to create a playroom since they often have a large part in the middle that will be the “roof”.  This way, there is a lot more space to stand, place some furniture inside, or to just fill it up with pillows completely.