How much does it cost to add a bathroom?

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The cost of adding a bathroom mostly depends on whether you are converting an existing room or adding a (bath)room to the house. Additionally, just like with normal bathroom modifications and remodeling, your choices in the bathroom can make or break the budget. When selling the house, however, you are likely to recover 60 to 70% of this investment. In this post, you will learn more about the cost of adding a bathroom! All data in this post is from HomeAdvisor.

  • Remodeling an existing room
  • Adding a room to the house
  • The price per square meter

Remodeling an existing room
When using a leftover room and turning it into a bathroom, you will probably spend between 5.000 and 35.000 dollars. The average is 15.000 euro which is (only) 5.000 euro more than the regular remodeling cost of an existing bathroom and these additional costs are mainly determined by the modifications that are needed for water supply and connecting to the sewage system when adding a toilet.

Adding a room to the house
When constructing a completely new bathroom, prepare to spend 20.000 to 50.000 dollars on average. This is, however, depending on what you are looking for and high-end additions like a master bath or more space for the ultimate spa feeling will bring the total cost up to around 75.000 to 90.000 dollars.

The price per square meter
As the cost is often very dependent on the size of the bathroom, it is often calculated per square foot. When adding an average bathroom to the house, plan to spend around 200 to 300 dollars per square foot. When going for a more luxurious approach, expect to spend double that amount.