What is a music room?

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Music rooms are generally used for practicing, producing, or performing music. Other than that, just like most rooms in the house, they are highly dependent on personal style and preference. However, there are some things to consider for everyone. We will walk you through it.

  • Function
  • Soundproof
  • Decoration

Depending on your own musical taste and style, you will certainly need to personalize your music room. Not only the instrument, whether this is a piano or your own voice, but you will also need to get the right equipment. Additionally, consider whether you will be practicing, producing, and performing alone or with others. Especially in a group, space is an important consideration. But even when alone, make sure that you have the freedom to move around and be creative! Also, invest in good quality furniture to be comfortable during long recording sessions and make sure all the wires are needly tucked away so you won’t be bothered.

Unlike most other rooms, a music room needs to address the acoustics of the environment. This implies that it needs to be soundproof from outside noise but also prevent you from disturbing your housemates/household. Additionally, if the room is lacking the absorption to deal with the musical vibrations, your sound and therefore recordings will be harmed! Read the other articles on how to get your music room soundproof!

Last but not least, a music room is a hub for creativity and should therefore bring up a certain feeling and inspire! This is not only done through the right equipment, but also through decoration. Hang your favorite guitar or vinyl records (covers) of your favorite band on the wall, place pictures of your best performances or with your idol, or simply apply the wallpaper that represents your musical style. Whatever you do, make sure that it represents you!