How to use your hallway space?

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Your hallway can feel like a useless place which is kind of odd since it is often the most used area in the house! They are not only a connective place or a place where you enter your house, it can be much more. In this article, we will give some useful tips to step up your hallway game.

  • Add seating
  • Add shelves and hooks
  • Some green lush can do good in a hallway

Add seating
Seating can feel counterintuitive when you think of a hallway as an area to only pass through or enter, but a small bench can add some livelihood to it. Especially at the entrance, seating can come in handy when you want to put on your footwear.

Add shelves and hooks
By adding shelves, you can break up the hallway’s length. This way it will look less like ‘just another passageway’ and more like a living area. You can be more creative by adding shelves that cover the entire wall! This way you can create your own library without giving up an area in the house. If you think a wall filled with books is a bit too overwhelming, adding hooks for jackets can also create visual interest, especially when hung on different heights.

Some green lush can do good in a hallway
If your hallway lets in natural light, adding some plants and vegetation can give a calming atmosphere when entering or walking through the house. If your hallway is narrow and you do not want to obstruct the walking route, you can decide to hang some plants from the ceiling or to place them on shelves on the wall. If you do not have a green thumb, installing a moss wall can add a lot of color without you needing to take care of it.