How to make a nursery in your bedroom?

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Whenever you own a small place, or you prefer to have your baby nearby, a separate nursery is sometimes not an option. Create a separate nursery space in your own bedroom with these simple tips.

  • Create clear-cut space
  • Skip the traditional changing table
  • Create nursery stations around your house

Create a clear-cut space
If you have a bedroom that is large enough, you can consider using a room divider to set off the nursery space. This can be a curtain, a bookshelf, a closet, you name it. If you do not have enough space, you can make a separate area by using different colors. With a beautiful rug that is the size of the nursery area, you can also give a clear distinction of the baby’s room.

Get the traditional changing table out
If you do not have enough room, consider not having a traditional changing table. Instead, you could get a fold-down changing table. This folds out of the wall to create a changing surface, which also can be used when the child is older as a place to do homework (win-win!). When not needed, the table can be tucked away onto the wall. If your wall is not strong enough, consider a standing foldaway changing table. This can be easily tucked away under a bed or behind a closet but is within reach when you need it in the nursery.

Create changing stations around your house
To avoid having a lack of space to get all your nursery essentials in place, you can spread all the necessities around the house in separate baby stations. For example, create a breastfeeding cupboard next to the couch. Make sure there is a changing pad in the bathroom and use the top of a towel cupboard to change the baby.