How to lighten a dark narrow hallway?

Hallways are one of the most used areas of your home. In this area, you come and go all the time. Of course, you want this place to be very welcoming to you and your family. However, if you do not have any natural light coming in, it can be more challenging. Read this article to get tips on how to properly light up your dark and narrow hallway.

  • Use the right accessories to brighten up the space
  • Play with wall- and ceiling lights
  • Choose bright paint colors

Use the right accessories to brighten up the space
With the right furniture and decoration, you can light up the place without using excessive lightning. Keep away from dark furniture and place some bright colored items in your hallway. For example, a beige console table can reflect light. Regarding decoration, a mirror can do the same trick; it will reflect the light, giving the sensation of having multiple lights in the hallway, and give more depth to the space.

Play with wall- and ceiling lights
Avoid those heavy low hanging lights for small and narrow spaces. Instead, go for wall- or ceiling lights. With wall lights you can reflect the light from the ceiling, to give the hallway softer lighting. If you want clean light, go for ceiling lights. These will light up everything and give a good overview. You can use both to create more depth in the hallway because it will give more variations in how the light reflects.

Choose bright plaint colors
Dark shades on the wall will absorb the light, making the space darker and narrower. If you opt for fresh shades, like soft pastels, cream, beige, or simply white, you will reflect light and give the small space a sense of brightness and make it optical bigger. If you like to make a wall pop, go for a bright color. This adds dimension and depth to the hallway.

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