How to decorate a Sunroom?

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The Sunroom is your refuge…a peaceful spot where you can enjoy nature while still lounging on a comfortable sofa, for example. It can also be a room where you enjoy your favorite hobbies, from gardening to walking on the treadmill to watching Netflix. With all these options, there are as many ways to design your sunroom as there are uses. Let’s start with a few ideas on ways to decorate your solarium:

Bring the outdoors in: The decorating style consists of using nice outdoor style furniture such as wicker and teak as your indoor sunroom furniture. Usually large-scale pieces with small end tables, lots of foliage, and accents such as garden art and sculpture are good ways to create this type of atmosphere.

Light and airy: Many homeowners want to have a “Florida Vibe” in their sunroom, which is certainly understandable. To achieve this kind of design, use large floral pattern upholstery (it doesn’t all have to be in coral color, of course), accented with light wood tables and occasional chairs. This decor also calls for lots of foliage, which by the way, does not have to be an actual living plant.

Sophisticated: Perhaps more a four-season style, but clean lines and mid-century modern rules the day and designing with this style for your sunroom should not be an exception! Especially if your sunroom is open to the rest of your house, you definitely want to keep your decor consistent. There are lots of outdoor fabrics by companies like Kravet and Crypton that work well for this style (as well as the aforementioned “light and airy”).

Utilitarian: It could very well be that your sunroom has a specific use for you, for example as a workout room or a hobby room, like painting. If this is the case, the decor may reflect the use, but you are probably more concerned with the utilitarian aspects of the room, such as lighting, circulation, storage, etc.

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