How to decorate a small guest room?

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Trust me, it is easier than you think to transform a small guestroom into a cozy getaway. We all want our guests to feel like they arrived at a 5-star hotel. A good interior design can make a small room appear spacious, just by adding a few of the tips we will mention in this article.

  • Choose a smaller bed
  • Leave space around the bed
  • Use the bed as a multi-furniture piece.

Choose a smaller bed
A queen or even a king-size bed takes up a lot of space. Consider downsizing the bed to a smaller one. The bed will still be the centerpiece of the guest room, but not as overwhelming as a huge furniture piece in a small room. As a guest, you’ll need some leftover space to leave your stuff and move around.

Leave space around the bed
When you move the bed close to the wall, it will give the impression of more space. Especially when you create two aisles on both sides of the bed by moving it to the center. This makes it easier for your guests to access the bed on both sides, and again will leave some room for a nightstand, a suitcase, among other things.

Use the bed as a multi-furniture piece
When you do not have much space, you do not want to fill it up with (even when it might be practical) furniture. Consider changing the headboard into a functional piece of furniture. For example, a bookshelf might take up a lot of space, but converting the headboard into one is not. You can also consider converting the headboard into a desk. When you have space underneath your bed, use the space as storage.