How to decorate a hallway wall?

Often, hallways are just passageways that connect rooms to each other or are the first place we enter. With a decorative hallway wall, you can connect this often-narrow area to the rest of the house. Below we have some stylish hallway wall decorating ideas.

  • Use patterns to spice up your hallway wall
  • Funky colors can work in this area
  • Create a hallway gallery

Use patterns to spice up your hallway wall
Popping colors, cute patterns can work well in a hallway. You can use pretty wallpaper to achieve this look. A tiny pattern might be too much on a large wall but works well on a shorter one. If you do not like too much drama, choose a pattern with similar tones in it. You can also opt for a gallery with different photos. This also creates the feeling of a ‘pattern’.

Funky colors can work in this area.
You can give your hallway walls a burst of color. The walls are often short and narrow and are the perfect excuse to use funky colors. In other places this would be too overwhelming but, in a hallway, this can be pulled off! A perfect excuse to choose your favorite color and finally have it somewhere in your house.

Create a hallway gallery
Hanging some artwork pieces in your hallway can create the ‘wow’ effect when your guests are entering. Before determining the location of the canvases, consider the size first. Large hallways can have (several) larger canvases. A narrow, less open hallway is better for a combination of small and medium-size items.

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