How tall is a dining room table?

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We’ve come a long way from the typical dining room table. Nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes, adjusted to the variety of different houses, studios, and apartments we inhabit. When looking for a dining table, all the different options can be confusing. To help you out with information on the height of a dining room table, we provided some tips below!

  • Standard dining table height
  • Counter dining table height
  • Bar dining table height

Standard dining table height
The recommended height for a standard dining table is 30 inches. This will ensure that people of somewhat average length are able to comfortably sit and dine at the table. Make sure to check the height of the chairs to see if they fit below your table. You wouldn’t be the first to find out too late.

Counter dining table height
Counter dining tables are more common nowadays. They fit in smaller houses and add a more urbanized touch to the decoration of your place. The ideal height of the counter dining table is around 36 inches. Make sure that the chairs are a bit higher as well.

Bar dining table height
The bar dining table gives a different vibe to the dining room or kitchen and gives dining a different experience. Some people opt for this option if they have limited space available for a dining table or if they want a bar dining table as an addition to their standard dining table.