How high to hang pictures in the dining room?

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Especially in an area used as often as the dining room, it is important to make the walls appealing. Often, hanging pictures around the house is full of trial and error. Not after you’ve read these tips. There is no one fits all solution; however, this article will make you skip the most common errors.

  • Keep in mind the sitting position
  • Large artwork on the floor
  • Measuring if you do the hanging alone

Keep in mind the sitting position
Judge the picture height from a sitting position, especially in the dining room. It will be without a doubt the room you’ll often spend your time sitting. You have to be able to enjoy your pictures without having to look way up.

Resting large artwork on the floor
Say what?! Yes, I said it. If you have a gorgeous piece of artwork that is very large, it can be very out of the box to just let it rest on the floor. If there is enough space between the sitting area and the picture, you can admire it from a distance.

Measuring if you do the hanging alone
Don’t have a partner in crime to help you decide where to hang the pictures? Don’t worry, there is a rule of thumb. Hang your art between 57 to 60 inched from the floor. If your household members are shorter, aim for the lower end of the range. If not, do the opposite.