How to furnish a hallway?

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Often, the hallway will be forgotten when it comes to furnishing. But when you think about it, this is the area all your guests will see and will enter before any other room! To give yourself, your family, and your guests a warm welcome, consider adding some furniture to your hallway. Here are some tips.

  • Seating is a good idea
  • Storage, because clutter is a no go
  • Create a surface to leave your everyday items

Seating is a good idea
If you have the space for it, create a place to sit. It is easier to sit down while tying shoes. It also creates a cozy atmosphere, if you choose an opulent chair. To have a more minimalistic look, try a bench. This seating area will also make guests linger longer in the hallway.

Storage, because clutter is a no go
Storage is really important. To tumble over shoes or other items when you enter your house is not nice. Hooks or a coat stand will keep your coats in place, a bench with shelves or other storage compartments will keep the shoes tidy and out of sight. You can also choose to install a small table with different boxes that you can pull out, to keep everyday items in.

Create a surface to leave your everyday items
A small table might come in handy when you quickly want to grab or put down your keys/ wallet/ headphones. It is even better to have a console table with drawers in it, so you can store these within-reach- items out of sight. The same table can be used to put some decoration on to make the hallway more personal.