How Do I Decorate a Home office?

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Although many homeowners may think that home decor has no place in a home office, this is actually a misperception. Think about it…this is your home first and a work space second. Unless your aesthetic is totally spartan, you will have some sort of professionally-influenced decorating scheme that you bring into your home office. Your home office should reflect you and what you are doing in the space (using that big brain of yours) and what makes you comfortable. So as you think about decorating, remember these tips:

  • In any office you need really good air circulation, and you should consider a large floor-mounted fan or wall-mounted fan, or both.

  • Family memorabilia to remind you why you are working If you have kids, have them draw pictures of you at your old work place and your new work space.

  • Awards, citations, training certificates and notes from colleagues to keep you going.

  • You have 100% freedom to decorate your home office space according to your tastes, so personalize it with photos and pictures of the things you like to do in your spare time, whether it’s hiking, cooking, socializing, pets, volunteering….make it your space!

  • And of course, no office would be complete without motivational posters. Whether you put them up on your walls ironically or with the best of intentions, nothing says “work” like that old poster that starts out..”You don’t have to be crazy to work here….”