How Do I Decorate a Home Gym?

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Although many homeowners may think that home decor has no place in a home gym, this is actually a misperception. Think about it…this is your home first and a workout space second. Unless you aesthetic is totally spartan, you will have some sort of decorating scheme that you bring into your home gym. It does not have to look like your neighborhood “Y” with public safety posters taking up every bit of wall space, nor does it have to be like a fancy gym with posters of perfect bodies and motivational messages. No, your home gym should reflect you and what you are doing in the space and what makes you comfortable. So as you think about decorating, remember these tips:

  • Leave plenty of space on your walls so you can write things down, like your workout routine, messages to remember, notes on your workout, etc. You can install a dry-erase whiteboard, or even consider some of the new paints that let you draw and erase right on them (such as a chalkboard paint). It’s better to overestimate how much wall space you need for this purpose, since you may want to keep older workouts up on the board, especially if you crushed it!

  • All good gyms have mirrors so you can see how fabulous you are doing (or correct your form if you need to). Allocate a certain amount of space for a sturdy, large mirror (at least one).

  • Find a good sturdy wall space to mount a flat-screen tv, allowing you to stream movies or play workout videos from YouTube or anywhere else. Make sure you use a proper mounting bracket and you affix this to the wall studs. A crashing-down screen can really ruin a vigorous workout.

  • You need really good air circulation, and you should consider a large floor-mounted fan or wall-mounted fan, or both.

  • Unless you are doing minimal movement in your gym (like stretching routines or massage), you probably want to avoid any type of floor lamp or table lamp. These will just get knocked over and they aren’t designed to the same standards as an industrial floor fan, which is heavily weighted.

  • Consider a lighter, brighter paint scheme for your walls in a palette that is compatible with the rest of your home. You want to come into your workout room and feel energized and ready to go.

  • Make sure you have a cabinet or storage space that is handy for towels, wipes, air freshener, extra water, phone charger, and a first aid kit. These are all conveniences that are good to have nearby.

  • Once you have all the necessities, then you can think about other decor such as wall art, photos, and wall shelves. But remember that this room could have a lot of shaking or jarring, and you need space to do your thing, so don’t over-complicate the room.

  • Think about relaxation and calming elements once you are done with your workout, such as a water fountain, plants and low-level lighting as well as a good sound system. This would need to be in an area away from your high-impact workout space.